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AREA OF SUPPORT: K-3 Classrooms

Partnering with Learning Ovations provides partners with professional development, hyper-focused on differentiated instruction and best practice, technology that bridges research to practice and uses data to inform instructional choices within classrooms and schools.


The A2i Online Assessments provide progress monitoring for students and the corresponding A2i Software Platform informs not only on the types and amounts of instruction each child needs, but also how to best group students to effectively teach in small groups. 


The A2i Professional Support System combines the use of the A2i Software Platform with coaching and support across the school year via a Literacy Outcomes Specialist (professional development coach) and differentiated support aligned to school and district needs.

Key Components

This tool is composed of three parts:

  1. Assessments: Students take brief, adaptive assessments to determine their reading levels and inform instructional recommendations. Students complete the assessments every 6-8 weeks to ensure accurate progress monitoring. 

  2. Instructional Recommendations: Instructors receive research-based recommendations based on each student’s instructional needs identified by the assessments. 

  3. Learning Activities: The instructor accesses individualized instructional activities and facilitates small group or individual instruction; virtually and/or in-person.


  1. Specialist Support: Provided by full-time Learning Ovations employees called Literacy Outcomes Specialists (LOS) and Directors for School Outcomes 

  2. Full access to the A2i Platform: Including assessments, instructional recommendations based on grade equivalency, time with student and ideal delivery, progress monitoring and our resource library

  3. Professional Development and Coaching: Up to 6 professional development sessions and 2 virtual coaching sessions (per teacher) focused on implementing A2i recommendations and individualized instruction for diverse learners.

  4. Collaboration: Between LOS and district administrators to ensure alignment with district initiatives, A2i recommendations and our research driven professional development

  5. Comprehensive Training and Support: Teachers and administrators are trained and supported on the A2i Platform - allowing them to use our technology to apply best practices without altering their curriculum or increasing their workload.

  6. Available University Credits: Learning Ovations’ Professional Development and use of the A2i Platform are recognized as comprehensive skill-building supports allowing teachers to fully differentiate for their students. All teachers will be eligible to receive university-level credits from the University of California, Irvine through their participation in A2i Professional Support System and movement through our Framework.


  • Student online access for A2i Assessments

  • Instructor computer and online access to A2i platform to access student information, recommendations, lesson planning and online resources

  • Instructor access to printers to prepare student activities from lesson menu

  • Site contact to coordinate training and ongoing support across site implementation

  • Instructors need dedicated time for initial training (90 minutes), grade level professional development and virtual coaching sessions throughout the year (to be scheduled by site administrators and Literacy Outcomes Specialists)

Interested in adding this program to your organization's toolkit?

Contact Heather at Learning Ovations:

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