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AREA OF SUPPORT: Families and Community Agencies

Learning Ovations’ Reading Checkup is a web-based tool that empowers the adults/caregivers at home to deliver rigorous, individualized literacy instruction to all children in their care. 


This tool provides data directly to families and community agencies that would otherwise be dependent on schools to provide. With data and practice alignment in place, organizations can rapidly address COVID learning loss for the most vulnerable children, reduce barriers to system-wide solutions, and achieve accelerated 3rd grade reading outcomes. Community organizations get zip-code and school-level data on family engagement and student growth.


Reading Checkup ensures that proven, evidence-based individualized literacy instruction can be actualized across school, home, and community, resulting in transformative student outcomes. 

  • Community-wide Continuum: This tool is designed for community organizations invested in 3rd grade reading outcomes, ideally connected to local school communities and other family outreach organizations. Reading Checkup assists local communities to help families support their children’s literacy at home.

Key Components

Reading Checkup is designed to bring the science of reading and the research-base behind the A2i Professional Support System directly to families. This tool is composed of three parts:

  1. Assessments: Students take two brief online quizzes that identify their reading needs.

  2. Instructional Recommendations: Reading Checkup recommends how much time to spend on four different types of activities.

  3. Learning Activities: Families get individualized, research-based activities for their children.


  1. Your Own Unique Reading Checkup Website: Customized for families in the communities they serve. 

  2. Staff Training: Learning Ovations literacy experts train and support organization staff (whether credentialed teachers or program staff).

    Community organizations receive a comprehensive 90 minute initial training, access to online training materials, and have on-demand access to a dedicated project management team throughout the program.

  3. Curriculum: Additional lessons and materials are regularly being added to the Reading Checkup activity bank. If specific materials or curricula would benefit your specific organization in using Reading Checkup select materials may be added as timeline permits! Specifics will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may result in an additional cost. Please let us know if you are interested in this option!

  4. Data:  Reading Checkup provides data on engagement and student growth on a per school and per zip-code level that they can use to improve outreach efforts and report to their stakeholders.

  5. Spanish Language Version of the Tool: Ensures access for more of the families you serve.


  • Student online access for the quizzes

  • Parent/caregiver needs computer access to Reading Checkup platform to access student information, recommendations, lesson planning and online resources

  • Parent/caregiver needs access to printers to prepare student activities from lesson menu

  • Community organizations provide an implementation manager or “Checkup Champion(s)” to coordinate training

  • Community organization needs to provide time for initial training (90 minutes) for organization and its Checkup Champions

Interested in adding this program to your organization's toolkit?

Contact Heather at Learning Ovations:

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