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AREA OF SUPPORT: Tutoring Programs

Building on our rigorously-proven A2i (Assessment 2 instruction) Professional Support System, Learning Ovations presents a stand-alone tutoring component to support school or community-based tutoring providers. A2i Tutoring works alongside the A2i Professional Support System provided in schools to support and create ongoing and consistent learning activities for children regardless of where instruction is occurring.


A2i Tutoring is a literacy support system that combines a web-based program with guidance and coaching to ensure teachers or community members get the support they need to provide individualized instruction that meets the unique needs of each student. A2i Tutoring is designed to bring the science of reading and the research base behind the A2i Professional Support System directly to tutoring program providers. 


A2i Tutoring is aligned with new federal pandemic relief funds to address learning loss through a variety of strategies, including tutoring, and can be implemented by both schools and community organizations.

  • District Tutoring: A2i Tutoring can be implemented as a stand-alone school tutoring program that can align directly with our A2i Professional Support System, providing consistency and efficiency of learning.

  • Summer or After-School Tutoring Providers: A2i Tutoring can be integrated into existing tutoring programs to provide students with individualized literacy support based on their unique needs and directly connecting to their learning in the school setting.

  • Community-wide Continuum: A2i Tutoring can also be used alongside our school-based A2i Professional Support System and/or our home-based Reading Checkup for parents, providing aligned literacy support for students throughout the school day and year.


This instructor-facing tutoring tool is composed of three parts:

  1. AssessmentsStudents take these adaptive assessments to determine their reading levels at the beginning of the tutoring program. This software platform quickly and accurately assesses the student’s reading and vocabulary levels.

  2. Instructional Recommendations: Often, instructors supporting tutoring are not given the same support or data traditional classroom teachers receive and therefore have less information about what to teach each child. A2i’s software algorithm creates targeted recommendations for instruction that are designed to move children efficiently and effectively to grade level. Tutors are provided with activities and instruction materials to meet each child’s individual needs

  3. Learning Activities: The recommendations provided by A2i come in the form of activities and games that are easy and practical to use. Tutors are never at a loss for what children need or how to make it happen. Thousands of open source, evidence-based resources are available so that children's interests can also be met.


  1. Staff Training and Ongoing SupportLearning Ovations literacy experts train and support the tutoring program instructors, whether credentialed teachers or program staff. Tutoring instructors will receive a comprehensive 90 minute initial training, access to online training materials, and have on-demand access to a dedicated project management team throughout the tutoring program.

  2. CurriculumAdditional lessons and materials are regularly being added to the A2i Summer activity bank. If specific materials or curricula would benefit your specific organization or district in using A2i Summer, select materials may be added as timeline permits. The details related to this process will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may result in an additional cost. Please let us know if you are interested in this option!

  3. Progress MonitoringA2i Tutoring includes dashboards for instructors and directors to monitor student progress. Students reassess approximately every 2-3 months.

  4. Student Baseline Data and ResultsA2i Tutoring provides pre- and post- assessment data to evaluate program effectiveness, monitor student progress,  and make additional decisions about student individualization and next steps.


  • Student online access for A2i After School Assessments

  • Tutor computer access to A2i After School platform to access student information, recommendations, lesson planning and online resources

  • Tutor needs access to printers to prepare student activities from lesson menu

  • Site contact to coordinate training and ongoing support across site implementation

  • Tutor needs time for initial training (90 minutes)

Interested in adding this program to your organization's toolkit?

Contact Heather at Learning Ovations:

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